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We had case(s) where we could not prove that the person did or did not summitted Whitney and obeyed all the guideline. We spent a lot of out free time on that case(s).

So if you go thru the trouble of doing Badwater146 and you spend the money, rent, buy, borrow one or two or 3 GPS trackers. It is YOUR responsibility to prove your crossing, to submit documentation, to remove all the doubts about your crossing and your credibility. Do not make the Admins log into a variety of websites to fish and hunt for proof for you.

  1. Fill out the form below - these are the same fields we used to fill, now you do it and we just approve it

  2. send the info files below to both to and

    1. original unmodified unresized pictures from start and summit in original format preferably with timestamp (virtually every modern camera has a TS),

    2. original GPS files in .gpx format,

    3. witness and crew email addresses

    4. a text or PDF file titled "Badwater46_NAME_DATE" that is no longer than 1-page with the description of your crossing

A-The application deadline is 5(five) months after your crossing and before Dec 1st the year of your alleged Badwater146 crossing.

B-If you are denied, you have another 3 months or before April 1st, to submit a second request (maybe you need more documentation, more proof).

C-see the Admins section to see how things get voted on