6-Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to persuade the Admins and the world that you did what you say you did. As it has been forever , you need to send us proof so please do not have the Admins hunt and fish for proof for you

In the past

- we have people pointing us to their facebook page. Posting several pictures on Facebook and having people say Good Job , does not mean you did anything, like was the macheater.

- we had people that emailed their password from the SPOT to the whole list, there were a lot of missing GPS points and then the suspicion of what happened

- some of the Admins do not have Facebook account and do not want to get one

- other people sent us a Dropbox link , where you were forced to create a Dropbox account. Some/many admins do not want to create accounts and fish for information for you

- we had people that gave us a link to some tracking website saying "Here is the link from my personal track on Trackleader. I am not sure how to get the metadata [...] I think you can get it from this link", basically implying that "i do not have time to find prrof for my own crossing so why don't you do it for me"