8-Finish/End Date

The "guidelines" say one has to finish in July or August ... basically by the end of August

The "original intent" from Al Arnold , i do not think it was ... you gotta finish by Aug 31st at 23:59pm ... or else

I think the original intent of finishing by the end of August was

  • for people to not plan intentionally to finish in September or late September

  • and for people to not plan on starting Badwater146 on Aug 31st

  • to not intentionally start going up Whitney on Aug 31st,then camp every 3 miles and summit on Sept 2nd , 3rd, 4th

So personally from my point of view

  • ... if you followed all other guidelines correctly

  • ... and you do not claim some sort of record

  • ... and your original intent was to finish on Aug 31st -or- you told the Admins you will finish on Sept 1st

I think it is totally in the original Badwater146 spirit if you finish on September 1st, 2nd -ish

For example ( i like examples )

  • you have a friend that will get you a permit on Aug 31st ... but they were only able to get a permit on Sep 1st. Yes ... i rather you be legal, especially since moving 1 day summiting Whitney it won't make much difference weather wise

  • or if you start hiking up Whitney and there is a lightning storm. Yes , I would rather you be safe and take a break and finish a day later

  • you get sick ... the same ... i rather you go up Whitney being healthy than risk it , and finish on Sept 1st

    • of course if you are sick for several days and you summit on Sept 2nd, 3rd, 4th .... that might not be ok