How to Announce ( pre Announce your crossing )

  1. Announce your intentions "well in advance" by sending an email to to both to and . Ideally you should post it on the BW146 Facebook

    1. to post to the , you should be a member. To become a member send an email to

  2. Well in advance ( see the guidelines) is mostly so the Admins could ask clarifying questions.

    1. for example many people do not send in their "athletic credentials" ( see detailed explanation on why that is required)

    2. or another example , in the case of an FKT, the Admins are obviously more strict with the monitoring and the guidelines

  3. After you announce it , make sure you get some sort of "We got it and it looks good" from at least 1 of the BW146 admins

  4. At least several days before you start your crossing, make sure you post your live satellite tracker link on the 2 GoogleGroups and Facebook

    1. we had one case several years ago, where they posted the tracker the night before and by the time the Admins saw the message , they were half way done

    2. Another time, the runner literally forgot to post the tracker

  5. Make sure you are proactive ... it is YOUR responsibility to persuade the Admins