1. Once you submit your documentation on both Badwater Groups, the Admins have 3 weeks to Talk & Vote

  2. Each Admin's has to ultimately vote with a clear Yes or No and the vote is posted publicly

  3. If there is a No vote, the Admin has to give an explanation because the BW146 crosser deserves one

  4. If any Admin can vote but does not publicly vote, they forfeit their Admin role ( yes this happened )

  5. You cannot vote on your own crossing

  6. If more than 70% of the Admins ( that remain after the 3 weeks ) vote with YES, then you are admitted/approved

  7. Admins are allowed to switch their vote back and forth No Yes No aso. during the 3 weeks

  8. An Admin can be excused from voting if they announce in advance you are out of reach ( eg quad BW146 ).

  9. Right now there is no good reason to complicate with Proxy since it's unlikely many Admins will be unavailable

Sorted alphabetically and can be reached at Badwater146Admins @

  1. Anthony "Tony" Portera

  2. Bogie D

  3. Laz Lazarus Lake

  4. Lisa Bliss

  5. Lisa Smith Batchen

  6. Marsh Marshall Ulrich

  7. Mauricio Puerto

  8. Mike Melton

  9. Parker Rios

  10. Ray Zahab

  11. Ricky Haro

  12. Rob DeCou

  13. .


  1. Dawn Lisenby


  1. Luis Escobar

    1. auto removed on 2/1/21 per the Admin rules for not responding to the last 2 Vote Requests