MAIN DEFINITIONSBadwater 135 --> Finisher of the AdventureCORPS Badwater 135mi race in Death Valley/Lone Pine Area. Course changed in 2014.Badwater 146 --> The 146mi "trek" from the Badwater point in the Death Valley National Park ( lowest point in US) to the summit of Mt WhitneyBadwater Solo Self Supported - aka "Oasis to Oasis" - Badwater 146 where you can get stuff from stores or stash gear and food, but no help from anther person Badwater Solo Self Contained -> You carry everything , water, food, gear, no help , cannot buy anything. See Marshall's description Solo w/Crew - Badwater 146 where you can have a crew that helps you
OTHER DEFINITIONS Badwater Crossing -> same as Badwater 146Badwater Assisted -> Badwater 146 Solo with CrewBadwater Supported -> Badwater 146 Solo with CrewBadwater Solo - Solo is usually the category and definition of doing Badwater 146 outside the Badwater135 "race"Badwater Oasis-to-Oasis --> some people refer to this as Solo Self Supported ( because you get help from each Oasis / aka gas station ) Badwater Double --> Badwater 146, from Badwater to Whitney and going back to the Badwater point, in this orderBadwater Reverse --> Start at the Portal, summit Whitney, then go back to Badwater ( is not tracked here ) Badwater Reverse Double --> Start at the Portal, summit Whitney, then go back to Badwater, then go back to the PortalBadwater and Back --> see Badwater DoubleBadwater Triple -Badwater Quad -PM start - This is an old version when many years ago 10-20yrs , peole were able to start at night AVOIDING the heat in Death Valley AM start - start between 6am and 11am-ish ( which has been the standard for a while)Badwater Triple Threat - In the same year, Badwater Assisted, Solo Self Supported, Solo Self Contained (name by Amy Sonnanstine)Badwater to Salton Sea - Start from Salton Sea and end up at Badwater point ( name by Ben "Badwater" Jones)Badwater Duathlon - Badwater 146 , and then biking back from the portal . Or Bike from Whitney to Badwater and run Badwater146Badwater Winter - regular Badwater146 performed between December 15th and March 15th